The Great Balancing Act: Achieving Balance

Jenn Marie Maxwell

Clear the Clutter.Clear Your Mind – Part I

on June 24, 2013

I don’t know about you but clutter literally messes with my mind.  It prevents me from thinking straight, and as my husband can attest…makes me not very much fun to be around.  I’m not a “neat freak”… not certified anyways… but a little order in the home keeps me balanced.

This is how clutter makes me feel….

Cluttered-HousePhoto Credit

For Part I of this series, let’s talk about resources and the first step to de-cluttering your home.


The biggest source currently (especially for me) is Pinterest.  It’s absolutely amazing.  Did I mention how amazing it is? So what is this new amazing tool? Their website says, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that you love.” Basically you can create a board of something you love. One of mine is called, “Organization Makes Jenn Happy.” You can follow other people and their boards and then search for things to “Pin” to your boards. Usually, you can find something that is attached to someone’s blog – everything on Pinterest is driven by an image. When you log-in, you will see pins from the people you follow and can re-pin them to your own boards.

It’s a great tool that can lead you to some awesome blogs or other organizational resources. One of the best projects that I have done from Pinterest was changing the way I fold my clothes in my dresser drawers. Seriously, this is amazing! Here’s my pin and Here’s the blog it came from.  I would have NEVER thought of this without Pinterest!  I can actually see everything in my drawer and have tons more room.  I taught both my step-kids this trick too and they love it!  This is just one example of what a great organizational resource Pinterest is.

Don’t let clutter take over your home.  Use the awesome resources online to help you find a system that works for you.  I don’t go nuts with buckets and expensive organizing tools.  Here’s a great blog about getting organized in 40 days (without getting overwhelmed).  Note: I found this blog through pinning!

Here’s the first thing to do on your de-cluttering journey:

Step One: Know what you have.  Open all the drawers, closets, and look underneath all of the beds.  Years can go by without us really knowing what is piling up and then before we know it we are standing in a room scratching our heads and thinking, “where did all this crap come from?”  Well…It comes from not knowing what is actually in your home.  Go through everything and ask yourself the last time you looked at, wore, used, or even thought about the current item.  Often, I can’t even remember the last time I used or wore something and that is when I put it in a pile of donate/throw-away/give-away.  Doing this will leave you with only what you really want or need.  Let me know what interesting things you find & what you did with them.

…To be Continued in Part II



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