The Great Balancing Act: Achieving Balance

Jenn Marie Maxwell

Clear the Clutter.Clear your Mind – Part II

on June 28, 2013


So now that we have talked about organizing resources and knowing what you really have, need, and want in your house we can move onto what’s really important  – Understanding what organizing means to each of us individually and developing a plan of action to get to that point…Your point of organizational bliss that only belongs to you.

What does organization mean to you?  Does it mean that things are put away and easy to find?  Maybe it means that everything is in organized piles? Or does it mean that you have routines that you can count on?  Whatever it is, define it for you and what your needs are.

Organization to me means having things put away and easy to find.  My organizational bliss is not having stuff lying around my house. I like a place for everything and need to be able to find things without digging or stressing out.

Once you figure out what organization means to you, it is time to develop a plan of action.  One of the biggest aspects to the plan is time.  How to find the time to organize and how long each task is going to take.  It doesn’t take much time all at once, unless you want to just knock all of it out in a day or two.  Start with the whole picture.  Make a list of all of the big items that you want to accomplish and then break those larger items into smaller tasks.

One of mine is to set-up and organize the baby’s room.  That’s the big part.  I don’t have much time to knock it all out in one session so I have broken the larger list item into smaller parts. One of the smaller parts of this is getting everything sorted and washed.  Here’s how I have been tackling this –

1.) Sort baby clothes into sizes and then type (outfits or sleepers). 2.) Do a load of baby clothes (by size/type) wash, fold, and put away.  3.) Wash baby blankets. 4.) Wash, fold, put away baby bath stuff (towels/washrags). 5. Wash, fold, and put away bedding sheets.

Just doing the sorting, washing, and putting away has taken me weeks but it gets done little by little and eventually I will get there and be able to move onto the next big item.

Start small and work common areas first.  Maybe it’s your drawers that have gotten out of hand.  Go through a drawer a night, or heck, even a drawer a week.  It has to work with your life or you won’t get it done.  Baby steps! That’s how I’m reaching my idea of organization.

If you are looking for some printables to help you organize your plan of action, here are two great blogs with awesome ones:

10 Great Organizing Printables

Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: Mega Cleaning Action Plan.



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