The Great Balancing Act: Achieving Balance

Jenn Marie Maxwell

Tick-Tock – Running Late Again?

on July 5, 2013

Everyone has a different perception of time and we become known for it accordingly. We all have friends, family, and co-workers who are either chronically late or early and then a few stragglers who are in the middle of that. It can be frustrating either way. You go to meet a friend for lunch and they show up 30 minutes early asking where you are or you show up on time and your friend is 30 minutes late; usually without even sending a courtesy text or calling.

If you are someone who, or someone you know is chronically late the first step to recovery is admitting that it is a problem. Not only does it cause other’s stress but I can almost guarantee that it causes you even more stress. Being late for personal events is one thing, being late for work consistently is a whole other ballpark. You might think that people don’t notice…They do. Someone always notices when you’re slipping in through the office doors, probably because they have walked by your cubicle or office a couple times that morning already – depending on how late you actually are. In an article titled, 5 Reasons Why You’re Always Late … And Why You Won’t Be Anymore it reports that being excessively tardy is the most irritating of work habits to have. This is a great article because it covers why people tend to run late. Their reasons are:
1. Being too wrapped up in the present & spacing out other commitments.
2. Miscalculating how much time is actually needed for tasks or getting somewhere.
3. Failing to plan. Waking up late and/or not giving yourself enough time to get ready.
4. Overbooking. Saying yes to every meeting or every event and then struggling to maintain all your commitments.
5. Being addicted to the rush. You adrenaline junkie, you.

Understanding why you are consistently late is key to recovery. It could be one of the previously stated items or it could be all of them. Regardless of how many, it is important to address and overcome them. Most people who are consistently tardy are not very proud of it. It’s embarrassing and stressful. Have you ever told yourself, “I’m not going to let this happen again…Tomorrow will be different” and then the next day you’re late for work?…Again? It can happen to the best of us. But hey, don’t get down on yourself – get better! Lucky for you there are some great resources out there to help with your recovery.

In an article titled, How to stop being late and start being on time some great tips to be on time are given.
Two great ones are:
1. Take actual measurements of how long things take you.
In my case, I know that it takes me 40 minutes to get ready for work, 20 minutes to eat breakfast and watch a little news, and 40 minutes to drive to work (on a good day). I also know that I am a snooze button pusher so I give myself another 20 minute buffer to roll outta bed.
2. Set an alarm. Not just to get up in the morning but for other tasks.
Some people just need constant reminders of what’s coming up in their day. Smart phones can be a great help with this as you can have as many as alarms and reminders that you want. The iPhone can even set reminders for locations. Many times I have set a reminder for when I leave work to remind me to get items for dinner or to pay a bill.

Tardiness is something that anyone can overcome with admittance, understanding, and effort to recover.

So I ask, Has anyone overcome the tardiness bug? If so, how did you do it?



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