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Jenn Marie Maxwell

The Ultimate Organizational Project: Getting Ready for Baby

on July 10, 2013

Upon seeing the “two pink lines” and celebrating with my husband (after a brief hyperventilation moment of … this is REALLY happening) my mind was immediately swarmed with how to even begin planning for our new arrival. Looking at the calendar, I didn’t even know when to actually begin getting organized and prepared.

Being that this is my first baby, I had no clue where to begin. I had never thought about buying bottles, baby blankets, or waterproof pads for cribs. So that’s when I jumped on what I call, The Google. Gotta love Google! The first thing I found was astonishing and kind of scary. It was an article that told me that baby’s go through 10-12 diapers a day – Wait…What?!?! I then found a diaper buying guide for pregnancy in order to build up my diaper stock a little bit at a time throughout the months. Here’s the site that I used for this called, Stocking up on Diapers: How much to Buy & At What Price. It has a great guide to learning what to expect from common stores. Note, now’s the time to really look through all the coupon books that you get in the mail and even the ones you get from some doctor’s offices during your prenatal care. I kept these in my glove box so I would always have them when I was out and about.

Next thing to think about is baby essentials and what to register for. My husband and I downloaded a couple lists such as, this one.. We went through the list and our budget to decide what we would plan to buy and what we wanted to register for. It gave me a great perspective as to what to register for and was helpful to take with us while registering because it was broken down into categories. I will also say that Babies “R” Us gave us an awesome registering guide if you want something concrete from a store that you will be using. You can find lists of items about anything from what to pack in the hospital bag for yourself, dad, and baby to what to put in the diaper bag. I had my bag packed by my 8 month mark and I also now have a fully stocked diaper bag that includes hand sanitizer and even a cute little trash bag dispenser…I feel more prepared everyday!

Now…Where to put everything? Here’s a great blog post about this called, How to Organize for Baby. If it weren’t for this blog post, I probably would have neatly stored my bottles in the nursery. Silly, I know, but I seriously had no clue what to do! There are tons of great online resources to help you figure out not only what you need but where to put it all.

After my baby shower, I took note of everything that I received and crossed it off of my list so that I could see what else I still needed and since the shower I have been purchasing a couple items a week in order to alleviate spending too much money at one given time. We were so completely blessed that our list of remaining items was very short!

The way I see it, the more you can get organized during your pregnancy the more time you will have to connect with your beautiful bundle of joy when they arrive. The last thing you want to be thinking about is acquiring essential items at the moment you need them. There are so many available resources between the internet and the bookstore, stock up and get going because as I’ve learned, 9 months goes by VERY quickly!

If you know of any good tips or baby organizing ideas please comment below. Happy Organizing!



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