The Great Balancing Act: Achieving Balance

Jenn Marie Maxwell

New Roles, Ideas, and Goals

on January 23, 2014

What a WHIRLWIND the last couple of months have been!!! But I’m back, with a baby and a whole new set of goals and ideas to share! So let’s catch up, shall we?

August 2nd (after 3 days of labor…I have earned my labor patch for mommy-hood) we welcomed our beautiful baby girl to the world. Thinking about that day gives me instant goose bumps. It was truly amazing to finally get to hold my little girl.
My husband was beyond amazing through the entire experience. Note: Anyone who is crafty out there and wants to make big bucks – There is a market for comfortable daddy “cots” in hospitals. Daddy’s also need comfort and rest in Labor & Delivery…Just Sayin’

Our little girl is quickly approaching 6 months old and every day just seems to get better and more exciting.

Things I didn’t realize until having a baby:

•Everyone tells you that you won’t sleep…Ummm…You Don’t. You don’t sleep and when you do sleep, it’s not very well or plentiful. It DOES get better though.

•Keeping your marriage alive is straight hard but worth it. Dates are important, even if it is to a quick dinner…Even if you bring baby to dinner…Talk about something other than what’s going on with the baby.

•You literally have to find yourself again – as a woman, employee, and spouse. Everything is different; body and mind. I’m still on this path but feeling more “complete” every single day.

•Your house will be messy, unorganized, and sometimes…A little gross. I won’t lie. I have woken up and realized I slept the entire night with a burp rag on my shoulder. That moment when you realize,

What are some things that you have experienced that you didn’t expect?

My degree is in full-swing now as I just began my last year of my undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management. I am already looking into what graduate programs I am interested in and am excited to begin my career! Look out world; I’m heading your way!

I have a whole new perspective on management and organization for the office and the home so stay tuned – We are in this Great Balancing Act together. I’m back and it’s going to be better than EVER.


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