The Great Balancing Act: Achieving Balance

Jenn Marie Maxwell

Growth as a Pinner

on March 5, 2015


I will never forget the day that I got the elusive Pinterest Invitation from one of my girlfriends. She had been raving about Pinterest for months before I text her with my main question, “What is pinning and why do you do it?” Her response basically was that it was a ton of fun and they have everything on it – recipes, dream house pictures, hair stuff…Wait…Did you say recipes? I’m sold. Let me in. I was pounding at the Pinterest door.

A couple years later, here I am…A pinning machine. Sure, I go through times of non-pinning. I don’t know why, just do. But here I am looking at my awesome main page where I have 77 boards. Yes, 77. I have 5,026 pins, 4,986 likes, and 159 followers. The most followers I have on anything.

Today, as I look at all 77 of my boards (I really think I need to organize them better) I wonder what the heck am I planning to do with all this stuff. I will say in my own defense that I do have 2 boards – a public one called, “what I have done or made from my pins” (yes, I’m pretty creative with my board names…I have one called Slow n Easy for my slow cooker recipes – It still makes me giggle) and then I have another private board creatively titled, “to do.” In the public board I have actually done 7 things. I think I have done more from my pins but forgot to document them. I will say, out of these 7 things, 4 of them are still being done or consistently made and absolutely loved by my family and one of them I’m actually making tonight.

In my to-do list, I have 19 things that I actually can’t wait to do once I get the time, money, energy…You know, any of the excuses that I typically have.

The main point of this is that I started to ask myself today, why do I pin? At the beginning of my pinning experience, I feel as though I was creating this dream world – kind of like when I used to pick out all of the things I would buy from the JcPenny catalog if I won the lottery; creating my dream home (Yes, I’m old -we actually used to get the catalog every year and it.was.exciting).

After I had my baby, I started using it for baby food recipes, advice, ideas for her birthday party, ways to organize our tiny apartment, and of course, how to look awesome in all of the clothes that I can’t afford. But when I really look at my boards, I see that I’m using it for cooking. I love new recipes and cooking with my family. My step-daughter and husband are very encouraging of new recipes as well.

So what do I do with these 77 boards now that I am a “matured” pinner? Do I delete boards I never look at? I’m not sure I’m there yet…maybe I am…Maybe I will publish this post and take them down about 1/2…I’m nervous. That was a lot of time spent sifting through pins…Oh goodness, now I’m just short of breath. Are you as attached to your pins as I seem to be?

I would love to share ideas with each other on Pinterest – You can find me HERE

So what do you use Pinterest for and why? Have you also grown as a “pinner?”


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